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Quantum ForceTM
Sales Force Automation Solution


Quantum Force™ is a tailored Customer Relationship Management Solution for pharmaceutical product marketing, sales and distribution companies.

The basic functionality of the solution is to record all the relevant data and information at all the stages in a pharmaceutical marketing, sales and distribution process. The solution builds direct relationship, for information exchange, between corporate headquarters, regional sales offices, C & F Agents, CSA, Stockists and the remote Pharmaceutical Sales / Medical Representative at all level in sales hierarchy.

SMS – A backbone of communication

System uses SMS as a primary way of communication from field force. Sales Force has high adaptability for SMS as a mode of communication as it is the easiest and fastest way of communication. This results in real time reporting by MR and also tremendous reduction on cost of communication. As data is available online, immediate action from senior sales team or head office, resulting right impact, is also possible.

The ubiquitous feature of Mobile Phone and Network frees the MR / PSR from the time and space constraints that may impede their access to the information systems capabilities. This ensures flow of date to and fro between the uses and the system.

Work mobility is a key dimension that characterises the work of sales representatives. Such mobile representatives spend most of their working time out in the field, interacting with doctors, chemists and stockist etc and attempting to bring new orders to their companies. So SMS communication supports their online historical information requirement from the system.

Salient Features

  • Online and Real-Time reporting system

  • Saving of time, cost and efforts enhancing transparency in reporting system

  • Instant updates in the centralised Database Management System

  • No dependency on internet or specific type of mobile handset / device

  • Can communicate from remote interior regions

  • Mapping of Speciality, Doctor, Chemist and Product to enable focused marketing

  • Sample Inventory Management for Rx and OTC Products

  • Sales tracking at primary & secondary level with sales analytics

  • Sales force management with targets, achievements, incentives

  • Primary & secondary sales, returns analysis

  • Analysis of Doctors calling, deviations, prescription audit and missed calls

  • Automated communication on Birthday, Anniversary to Doctors and Chemist

  • Effective User Administration & Security management

  • Integrates with invoicing system for primary sales

  • Integrates with HR & Payroll for incentive calculations

  • Business Benefits

  • Product Brand Building

  • The tool allows all activities related to a product brand to be planned and analysed in a centralised manner. Activities like advertisement, conferences, booklets, corporate & local gifts, posters, article reprints, training material, sponsored travel and visual aids can be budgeted for each brand. The effectiveness of the marketing strategy can be analysed based on sales data.

  • An Automated Tool

  • The tool helps the sales force in profiling new contacts / accounts, deciding upon the appointments, planning tour, submitting daily call reports, submitting requests for samples, promotional articles, reporting primary as well as secondary sales etc. Based on the actual travel, the tool calculates the necessary expenses to be paid to the field sales officer. The sample management and promotional material management part in the software keeps a complete track of samples and promotional items. The tool also facilitates entire leave management system for the field sales staff.

  • Visit History

  • One more advantage of the system is helping representatives in the most important aspects of their job: face-to-face doctor meetings. Just before visit to the doctor, availability of previous visit information viz. his prescription preferences, brands to be promoted, issues raised by him, and activities done in last meeting. This along with personal information of the doctor helps the representative to build better relationship and proactively address issues and objections. This facilitates the representative to make the most of the few minutes he gets in front of the doctor and achieve his goals.

  • Improved Transparency

  • The data which is received from sales force using the online system is current, accurate and ensures more transparency between field force and the head office in terms of data. This data can be analysed and acted upon in timely manner. This can also lead to improvement in the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the field force with respect to response time to market needs and can bring improvement in CRM activities.

  • Doctor Categorisation

  • Categorisation of doctors is an important activity from the perspective of distribution of samples, promotional items related to the products, medical / scientific literature etc. It helps to decide the frequency of visits, no. of samples to be distributed to each of the category. The categorisation helps to run focused campaign effectively.

  • Effective Communication

  • This Sales Force automation tool can create a platform where the field force can communicate with the organisation, as well as with the first line manager at anytime from anywhere. The product based objections and feedback from doctors can be instantly communicated and solutions and replies requested. Product updates can be broadcast to the field and any new launches can be instantly communicated.

  • Static component

  • The application has two components in terms of content - Static Content and Dynamic content. The transactions happen on the dynamic content side, where as any circulars, information to the field force, product related FAQs, Manuals etc. can be posted on the static content side.

  • Product Launch

  • The product needs to be launched to a specific segment of doctors depending upon the therapeutic area and specialty etc. The activities could involve capturing of comments from these customers, distribution of samples to them etc. The sales force can collect information to select the right set of doctors for the new launch based on prescription habits, type of practice, competitor prescription trends etc. These can be collected and transmitted well before the launch. Feedback from customers on launches of new products can be monitored and managed in real-time using the automation tool.

  • Analytics

  • The software tool generates multiple analytical reports which help the entire sales force hierarchy to improve their sales.

  • Bulletin Board

  • System incorporates a calendar based bulletin board, which displays certain broadcast messages, circulars etc to desired set of recipients. It also facilitates system generated alerts, notifications, reminders as well as user generated messages.

    Analytical reports

  • Doctors Master List – Specialization-wise / Qualification-wise / Class-wise

  • Monthly Tour Program

  • Daily Call Reporting

  • Deviation reporting

  • Doctor Missed Call Report

  • Doctor Call Frequency – Core / Others

  • Active and Non-Active Doctors Report

  • Monthly Work Analysis

  • Field Activity – Team-wise

  • No. of Stockist v/s Sale

  • Monthly Chemist wise Personal Order Bookings

  • Sales achieved product-wise / value-wise/ area-wise

  • Deviations – Short / more to target

  • Product Movement and inventory position

  • Expenses Vs Sales achieved per PSR/MR Per month

  • Average Cost per call to prospect

  • Consolidated Stock and Sale Reports

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